Monday, September 3, 2012

J.P. Prewitt, Hand Model (Retired) (Deceased)

 If you're a David Duchovny fan, you probably get the title referrence. If not, it's probably a hand above you. Ha ha ha... So you're asking yourself, what the hell is this Lady Hump Biblica Socalica? I'm glad you asked. It's 172 pages of full color glossy shots from over 40 events, taken by the Lady Hump in 2011. Just off the top of my head; Douche Larouche's Easyrider camp display, Love Cycles 2nd year anniversary party, El Diablo Run, Born Free 3, Gasser Lounge White Trash Pool Party, Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club Rally, Operation Elusive Unicorn, The Intenet Chopper Hero Jamboree, Hell On Wheels Rally, El Camino Cycle Swap, David Mann Chopperfest, etc. etc. etc. More pictures, less talk. But the best part is NO ADS. You'll find not a single ad in these pages. All Stuff, No Fluff.


... but you can get it before then. I'll be raffling off copies, this upcoming Saturday, Sept. 8th on the "Release and Ride" at the Gasser Lounge. We're meeting at 2:00 pm and riding into the lows where we'll gather at a historical treasure, pass out raffle tickets, take some pictures, and roll onto the next stop. Once we're back at the bar we'll pick winners and hand out magazines. There'll be no raffle ticket sales for this one, it's pure and simple; If you go on the ride, you have a chance of winning. If you don't, you wont.

That's all folks.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Top level hand modelling doesn't get the kudos it deserves, now, put it back in its protective case.