Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pre-VVMC-Gasser Lounge ( Setting up the Domination )

 These are some sneak-peak pictures of the Gasser Lounge set up at the VVMC rally VIP Lounge. Before anyone arrived we built a Hazzard county fence, brought in more hay than any city folks likely seen before, and brought in a Barrel full of Sailor Jerry's Bloody Marys and Daisy Duke Lemonades. 

So you pretty much can figure out on your own, if we're will to go this far for a event where we're giving away free Sailor Jerry's, how far are we going for our own campng trip?
Check it out HERE

So how did we do? We did Massively. We'll get into more later...

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dWRENCHEDdotCOM said...

saw this pic, thought of lady hump ;)