Monday, September 24, 2012

The Beaver Hunter Ride (Pic Post No. 1)

 The start of the Beaver Hunter Ride. The anti-El Camino which wasn't at El Camino (go figure?) event that brought out all the South Bay locals and some other riders from as far away as San Diego and a couple guys from Hollyweird... wood.

 Big Surprise of the Day, check it out! Some lucky local ended up with Sumo's bike. Totally awesome, but bad news, he's rolling to Floriday (du) with it by the end of next month! Best of luck to you John. Good choice in a bike! (even thought, I know, it's not a Sportster... granted.)

And then check this shit out! Looks like there's something brewing in the Air Cleaner world aye? 
Sweet Jesus, that's Sexy!

1 comment:

SUMO said...

hope he enjoys it as much as i did, was a fun ride.

cant keep everything though eh...