Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Birthday

 I never saw it coming but these two were responsible for my surprise party as the Beaver Hunter Ride on Sept. 22nd morphed into something unexpected at the Gasser Lounge. I guess I should have noticed some of the little details, like my Brother showing up "out of the blue" and asking to take some photos. Then if I think back, there were a few other hints that I failed on... Nice shirts by the way Nikki and Mikey! 
I'm not sure why, but at some point someone went sun-glasses shopping at night and came back with the following.

Enough candles to illuminate the bar
(above photo by Heavy Metal Chuck)
Aside from a million other funny parts, keep in mind that the Beaver is practically blind during all of this and balancing on a ladder to boot (I'm standing safely, albeit temporarily blinded, on the bar). So one more time, Thank you Nikki and Mikey B. for showing the love and Lady Alizon who sanctioned the abuse.

Gasser Lounge Upcomnig Events:
October 26th - Friday, FartBarf
October 27th - Lady Hump's Full Costume Ride and CARNEVIL (much more details forthcoming...)
November 10th - Escape to Hazzard County, Lake Cachuma group camping trip.
December 9th - (Sunday) 3rd Annual Hug the Coast Ride to David Mann Chopperfest and we'll have a booth at the event (the same as we did at Born Free 4).
December 21st, - (Friday) the End of the World Party
(Help us "Destroy the Planet" all the while at the bar!)

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