Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VVMC Rally, The Gasser VIP Lounge, Staright outta' Comptom? "na... Hazzard County."

So you missed the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club rally 2012? What exactly did you miss? Wow, did you ever. Especially the set up we put into the VIP Lounge... For the rest of the week, I'll showcase some of the bikes at the rally, and Lucifer took a ton of pics from the morning photo shoot and ride up to Pepperdine University, but today we're showcasing the Transformation of a corner of Venice into Hazzard County!
You're now entering... Hazzard County.

 Sailor Jerry's fueld the Daisy Duke Lemonade's and Hazzard County Bloody Mary's all day long. And was it hot? Hell yeah, it was the hottest day of the year!
 Miss Venice Vintage and friend, 2011
 Naked "Numbskull" Rob and Wuss Army Kit.
Rob doesn't think anyone would be interested in seeing a repeat performace of his now legendary jumping skills? We'll see about that... I'm bringing enough firewood to ensure it's a true challenge for him this time!
 Lest we forget the Miss Venice Vintage pin-up pagnet... Well, looky there. It's The Gasser Lounge's own Kat! Who won 2nd place in the Pin-Up Contest! Congratulations Kat! We're all waiting to see that swing you talked about in action...
This years Miss Venice Vintage went to none other than a motorcycle owner, and what kind of motorcycle do you ask? A cafe' racere perhaps? Nope. A bobber perhaps? Nope. Well, is it a bagger? No. A Rice Rocket? Nope. It's a SPORTSTER!!!
A rigid Iornhead Sportster.
(more of a bike than most men rode to the rally... Ohhhh! Ouch. Tell me I'm lying? Cause I'm not.)
Miss Venice Vintage 2012's Ironhead Sportster! 
Jessica (our Hazzard bartender for the event) and freinds.
So if you weren't there, what did you learn? That Hazzard County is REAL! It's not some faint television legend from yesteryear? A fading memory in some screen writers senior citizens center in West Hollywood. Hardly. This shit is real. Like Wizard mist and eye of Newt conjured up from the abyss to live and revel again! ... And if you were there, what did you learn? That "Escape to Hazzard County" is going to be one of the funnest camping trips you've ever been on. Why? Because we're running the show and we aim to please!

This is a RESERVATION ONLY group camping event. Space is limited. Those without pre-purchases will be sadly denied the grandoure that is Hazzard County, so don't be that guy. Buy your spot now. $42. per head, available HERE. All the information you need to know is listed.

Our latest sponsor added is Biltwell Inc. who've graciously donated the helmets that Kit will be painting for part of the raffle prizes at the event. 


fabulousjunk said...

looks like a good ass time


Cori Mora said...
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Cori Mora said...

I must say....Being involved in the VVMC was the worst experience ever.