Friday, September 14, 2012

VVMC Rally Tomorrow ( Event Info )

Just a quick note to everyone who's text me or asked if we're planning to RIDE to the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club Rally tomorrow (Sept. 15th 2012) in Venice? And the answer is "NO." But not because we don't want too... hardly. Because we'll already be there setting up and greeting at the bar hosted by The Gasser Lounge. Look for the banners you've already come to expect at a Gasser event and stop by and say "Howdy!" Mikey's been up all night beating his Organ Grinder and chasing the monkey, to come up with a bucket full of freshly minted buttons to hand out. Literally, he's been up all night making these... for you. And since you already know we're working on a slew of events together, expect to find some Lady Hump buttons in the mix. Do they have any "magical" properties? Yes. Yes they do. Put one on and discover your inner awesomeness. Free Drinks... anyone?

Need more info? CLICK HERE

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