Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jake Payton photography ( 1 of 2 )

Shots from the FULL COSTUME RIDE we had last Saturday! Man, you missed a good time. Can't believe how many people took double takes and commented, screaming from the windows of their cars (not always in the positive either...).
Thanks to Jake for the photograpy. Thanks for everyone who came out and rode with us.

Halloween at the Gasser Lounge ( Tonight )

I'm done with Half-Sack, now it's time to get my drink on, so kiss my shinny metal butt.

Halloween Night? Got plans? Be at the Gasser Lounge before 11:00 PM if you want to see the encore performance of the Dead Marionette Theatre ... it's not to be missed. Ask anyone who's seen it. Incredible. Beyond what your local bar does. Beyond what most anyone does... far far beyond.

Dance Sucka' Dance ...

Hazzard County emails went out today to all paid attendees! Check your mail and your spam folders.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Balls ... Abraham Lincoln ... The Ladies ... oh dear.

 Half Sack still get's all the attention. I'd say about half (?) maybe "got" the costume. I guess you have to be kinda up on current affairs, news, etc. to understand that the Half Sack actor died recently and that, yeah, I'm a dead Johnny Lewis. Covered in smiles, back from the grave, and still keeping the namesake alive!
The other half... didn't have a clue.

 Lady Alizon and Nikki.
 Mr. President on the other hand, he's been, how do I say? ... infected.

 Ball slaps without even people asking? I guess, if that's what you're into. Slap away!
(Hey, you notice Cheece and Chong in that picture? There's also a Vicky the Robot...)

Never Ready's ~ No Bells, No Whistles ( Nov. 16-18th )

Our good friends, the Never Ready's from the Inland Empire are cruising out to the Anza Borrego (one of my favorite places to ride) the weekend of November 16th through the 18th and having a non-event. In the spirit of Operation Elusive Unicorn, and once again at Ocotillo Wells, check out the "No Bells, No Whistles" cause it's something you should probably attend! MORE INFO HERE: NEVER READYS M.F. (blog)

And as you probably already know, it's super close to Slab City, where I once heard (pray tell...?) there was a Riot or two...

More Information?
The Chop Cult Thread HERE

Monday, October 29, 2012


 You missed it Saturday night didn't you?
::: Dead Marionette Theatre :::

 Repeat (encore) perforamce Wednesday. 
Halloween Night.
See you there.

Dice Magazine is NOW AVAILABLE in Hazzard County!

 Well, at least their Raffle Donations are! DICE MAGAZINE has donated some shirts and hats for the raffle at the Escape to Hazzard County Camping Trip. Man, gotta respect the Love of Dice. It's like finding an old VHS tape from the early 80's of some smoking hot couple getting it on in the back of a mint shag van. Where's this tape been for the last 30 years? I don't know, but it looks like it was filmed after a High School Prom, feathered hair, neon panties in Uncle Rico's brand new Pete Ellis Ram Van!!!

Swap Meet, Oct. 28th, Long Beach

 Swing by the Lady Hump table each month at 24 Cycle's monthly reserved spots. See what's shaking on the upcoming rides and parties at the Gasser Lounge. The Long Beach Cycle Swap may be nothing more than bicycle parts and imported Paki leather knock-offs of your favorite club cut vests, but Atom's always got the best Ironhead parts and barn finds to wet your whistle on. No matter how many cool choppers the kids and elite build these days, nothing say "Can't Touch This" like old relics!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Full Costume Ride ( pictures no.1 )

 The Full Costume Ride was a blast, more pics later. This is just a letter bomb post, I gotta run to work... I'm late, I'm late.

 The first of like a hundred pictures of girls sticking their fingers in my balls.

Hazzard on my Mind ... Just an old, Sweet Song

 Event Shirts are currently in production. And yeah, the Camp Spots are SOLD OUT again. We upgraded to a larger campground, and even that one wasn't big enough to handle the amount of people interested in attending... Sorry. But you had plenty of time to get on the wagon with us. Just go back to "Sh'noozer Mode" and dream your life away, the rest of us, will be getting down putting Rick James to Shame!

Another shout out to Mr. Alan Stedman, the artist who took my dreams and fantasies (once again) and put them to pen, creating the "Hazzard Buzzard" (I think I'll have a contest to nick name him... anyone want to win a Biblica Socalica 2011 copy? Best nick-name under the comments for this post will win(*). Disclaimer, if they all SUCK or I simply don't dig any of the names offered up, no one wins...)

Allen & Alan

Dead Marionette Theatre .... Teaser

Maybe Monday, maybe, I'll start posting all the insanity from the Full Costume Ride and the Dead Marionette Theatre. No promises ... as soon as I can. So much to upload. So much, I'm so sad you missed it ... don't tell me "next time" when you could have made it "this time."

Saturday, October 27, 2012

El Diablo Run ( 4 ) some Ensenada, Day 3 and 4 pictures

 A little behind the scene's of the EDR4 movie.

We've got some time till the next EDR, make sure you plan ahead and don't wimp it off at the last minute with some lame "sandy cavity" excuses why you wanted to go, but really really can't ... Your girlfriend, no matter how manipulative or smoking talented (wink wink, I know), will understand if you've got to set her (or his) purse down for a couple days. They'll have to start answering their own texts, entertaining themselves (as if they don't already have a Sancho' on the flip side, no worries there, as long as you don't loose your wallet when you get back), and get out of bed in the morning if they want a cup of coffee before going shopping. Other excuses not allowed involve having to work on your bike for battery charges, fouled spark plugs, needing an oil change, or having low air pressure in your tires. Those will encourage a beat down ... If you can't man up, at least strap it on. This isn't even supposed to be funny. Don't laugh.