Friday, October 12, 2012

August LBCS Sportsters (and more)

 Knights in Chrome Satin
 The term "Dark Custom" makes Evil seem less ominous than it should. It actually is part of the "dumbing down of America." Bikes were Black'd out, not customized with a standard (even only) paint option. Marketing executives and their staff members who attempt to impress the masses with the latest in trendiness are nothing more than slugs in a turtle race... and that Fat Chick slugs at that, not even the hot ones.
 (That Pan is the "more" in the post title... obviously)
Check out that "man hugging" going on up there (upper left)
 (that's actually some "more" more too...)
I like the bars. Needs a big blue Diamond crystal centered in that to be legit enough for a Wizzard to ride... but e're not in the Shire now are we?
"No but Long Beach is actually pretty reminiscent of Middle Earth."
But we love Sportsters the most round' here, so "Sportsters, Hell Yeah!"
(But we understand there are "more" bikes out there, less worthy bikes to be sure, but more indeed.)

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