Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bo and Luke ( Come out of the Closet )

Two Helmets Down, One to Go

Who's Bo and Luke? They're hanging in the bar ...
Don't be a homophobe. Bo and Luke are straight as a Boy Scouts Arrow or a Apache's Basket Weaving Merit Badge. Who's ever heard of Gay Buffalo? No one, that's who. Kit's about done with the second of three helmets he's been working on, as donated for the ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY camping trip by the cool cat's at BILTWELL INC., yes, they do rock!
 This one is painted on Biltwell's Novelty Flat Primer (2nd Gen), gold leafed and stripped by Kit.

There's more on the back that's not finished yet, so I'll save that for the winner of this fine helmet at Hazzard County. If you bought a ticket, I'll see you there. If not, sorry... no ticky, no laundry.
Sweet Buffs!

And, don't forget the "Co-Ed Daisy Duke Contest" which I'm thinking is going to go down for the third helmet... which you haven't seen yet, but once you do, oh yeah, you'll understand why.

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