Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CANEVIL ( prelude )

 CARNEVIL is one of the most incredible events held at the Gasser Lounge, and ... it's huge! This years Carnevil is shaping up to be incredibly more awesome with the addition of a few new surprises and the Full Costume Ride!
"So, are we supposed to dress up?"
Are you stupid? Of course you are! It's CARNEVIL and it's the FULL COSTUME RIDE, what the hell do you think that means? We've got a route planned that will NOT involve any freeways so don't worry about your H.R. Puffn'stuff head flying off at 70 MPH. We'll be cruising laxidazily and showing off for the tourists.
"I don't have a costume?"
You poor poor thing. You have from now until Oct. 26th to figure it out and make it happen. Make solutions, not excuses you Nancy. For sure, plan on Fartbarf on the 26th and (secret stuff I can't mention yet) along with the Full Costume Ride on the 27th!!! Excpect insanity.

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