Saturday, October 27, 2012

El Diablo Run ( 4 ) some Ensenada, Day 3 and 4 pictures

 A little behind the scene's of the EDR4 movie.

We've got some time till the next EDR, make sure you plan ahead and don't wimp it off at the last minute with some lame "sandy cavity" excuses why you wanted to go, but really really can't ... Your girlfriend, no matter how manipulative or smoking talented (wink wink, I know), will understand if you've got to set her (or his) purse down for a couple days. They'll have to start answering their own texts, entertaining themselves (as if they don't already have a Sancho' on the flip side, no worries there, as long as you don't loose your wallet when you get back), and get out of bed in the morning if they want a cup of coffee before going shopping. Other excuses not allowed involve having to work on your bike for battery charges, fouled spark plugs, needing an oil change, or having low air pressure in your tires. Those will encourage a beat down ... If you can't man up, at least strap it on. This isn't even supposed to be funny. Don't laugh.

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