Sunday, October 21, 2012

Escape to Hazzard County is RAIN or SHINE or APOCALYPSE

Someone asked what's the deal if it rains? Well, I guess small droplets of water fall from the sky in varying degrees of mass and frequency dependant on unforeseen tears falling from crying Angel's in Heaven, Charlie's Angels at that. Right on.
Escape to Hazzard County is a RAIN or SHINE camp out.
If it looks like rain, well bring easy ups and tarps for coverage of the festivities, but you've gotta decide if you wanna Cowboy Surf your mexi-blanket under the Gates of Heaven, or bring your own tents and ground tarps. There's no turning back. 
Bring a snorkle if you're worried about drowing in your sleep.
Rain might make it a slightly uncomfortable situation, but so does sand in your mangina.
I know one person it won't bother in the least... 


LUCIFER said...

Hahaha... Yup, i'm No fuckin' Sugar Biker, I don't melt in the rain. RAIN OR SHINE

rustrocket84 said...

Ha ha. That's an awesome pic. I can't rock the shorts but I bet they feel better than some soggy ass Carhartt double fronts.