Thursday, October 18, 2012

ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY ( update for Thursday Oct. 18th )

What's new today? 25 Raffle Patches just came in.

 Just a quick note to PAID attendees; we're almost SOLD OUT of tickets! That's fantastic. Once we reach that point (or tomorrow, whichever comes first) those of you who are on the email list will begin receiving email communications regarding the event, directions, time lines, etc. etc., important stuff we want you to know but won't post public since this is a private friendly Group Camping Trip. Please be on the lookout for your email. Check spam folders if you don't receive anything by 9:00 AM Friday.

Are there still tickets left? Only a few. Remember, "No Ticky, No Laundry."

By the time this post is posted, it may very well already be sold out. Sorry.

1 comment:

Capt. Mikhail said...

I hope people are smart enough to not actually sew those patches on their cuts. Not a dig at you, but the whole diamond (especially with a "1" in it) is super sacred outlaw biker shit. Just ask a Doucher.