Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Escape to Hazzard County UPDATES

 We've added three new sponsors to the raffle this week...

Sailor Jerry's is brining Booze!

PUNKCHOPPERS (link) donated a pair of Z Bars and some other stuff we'll hold till the raffle before announcing. Check out thier website (great header).

And our good buddy from Dago, who slings Sportsters better than any man I know, Atom Rotten of 24 Cycles is throwing something special into the mix.

Three (yet...) more reasons to come on out and attent the Escape to Hazzard County Group Camping Trip. It's not a "free" Riot, No. It'll be the most bitchin' time amongst friends you know (and some you dont) during November when things usually slow down in the event/ride world. Tickets are $42. a head, no freebee's or free-loaders. No advance purchase, No luck. You'll be fed. You'll be drunk! You'll receive a bag of goodies including an event shirt and raffle tickets. Shirt orders / Ticket purchases are due no later than OCTOBER 20th (when they hit the silk screeners table) so if you're late getting your act together, and you end up with a XL because you wear a Small, consider it a new item of Lingerie in your collection....

"CRFyou'Duke" will be leading the Saturday riders from all points South to Hazzard County.
As we get a little closer to the trip, we'll set up a email chain (he loves chains too, btw) with specific details for Ticket Holders. 

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