Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flashback Wednesday ( June 10th 2012 ) Born Free ( 2 )

 There may very well come a day in "Chopper History" when speaking of "back in the day..." can refer to either the 70's or the "Double Oughts" but NEVER the 80's or 90's.
Neon sucks now and it sucked then, but for some reason, people bought it? Duran Duran had more of an influence than I might have suspected back in High School.

 Choppers came onto the scene (and some of you professional internet thug geniuses might argue about tits or tats, but they both look good on a woman so shut your pie hole bee'otch!) and quickly faded. They flourished like a flower for a time and lay dormant for over 20 years (and yes, there were rare sightings, but I'm talking overall. Leave Big Foot out of it, Nessy is safe and sound tonight in Atoms garage. Sassquatch is still in a barn somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, but we'll track her down, just you wait and see).

 If these were the "Days of your Life" then one day someone else will envy you (even if they can't find it in their intelligence to repect it), and they'll copy what you copied before them. They'll do it differently and you'll tell them so, but you're old, and they wont care. When the Planet of the Apes is upon us, you'll be a mere slave. A slave with the knowledge of how to properly tune a Shovelhead, but a slave none the less...

BORN FREE 2, June 10th 2010

I'm working on something cool, video, so I'm throwing up some old stock photography to fill in the days until it's ready to view.... excited yet? You should be. You should be.

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