Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hazzard on my Mind ... Just an old, Sweet Song

 Event Shirts are currently in production. And yeah, the Camp Spots are SOLD OUT again. We upgraded to a larger campground, and even that one wasn't big enough to handle the amount of people interested in attending... Sorry. But you had plenty of time to get on the wagon with us. Just go back to "Sh'noozer Mode" and dream your life away, the rest of us, will be getting down putting Rick James to Shame!

Another shout out to Mr. Alan Stedman, the artist who took my dreams and fantasies (once again) and put them to pen, creating the "Hazzard Buzzard" (I think I'll have a contest to nick name him... anyone want to win a Biblica Socalica 2011 copy? Best nick-name under the comments for this post will win(*). Disclaimer, if they all SUCK or I simply don't dig any of the names offered up, no one wins...)

Allen & Alan


JBMFT said...

Uncle Jesse

WhitelinePsycho said...

THE Hazzard Buzzard, you've done it yourself . . . Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob the Bastard Buzzard of Hazzard County just ain't gonna work . . . I love your ballbag man, nice work buddy.

61cadillackid said...