Friday, October 19, 2012

How SAFE is your DOT Helmet ?

 It might look like a baby Banana slug, but I assure you, it's designed to save your life. Or is it?

The other day I had the chance to review (and so the first thing I did was to take it apart) a helmet and came to discover the oddest consruction method. USE AS LITTLE GLUE (structural integrity) AS POSSIBLE.

"I mean really, why bother using more than a teen-agers excited quick-drip... Haven't you seen those comercials where the guy's hanging from his hard hat from a steel beam kicking his legs around, 20 stories about the ground in a construction site?" Well, sure, but I ain't stupid either. I'd pretty much say, that's a "Piss Poor Glue Job" any way you justify it.
 This was a DOT Helmet, held together by less Glue than it would take to paint half the fingernails on one hand. Believe me, I know.

What did I leave out? I guess I'll tell you too. The liner was held in with a piece of scotch tape. Shoddy? I'd say "Yep!"

What about my review? It'll be lost in the shuffle... The brand for those of you interested; Lid Skid. The likely hood of me ever wearing one. Nil.

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