Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Balls ... Abraham Lincoln ... The Ladies ... oh dear.

 Half Sack still get's all the attention. I'd say about half (?) maybe "got" the costume. I guess you have to be kinda up on current affairs, news, etc. to understand that the Half Sack actor died recently and that, yeah, I'm a dead Johnny Lewis. Covered in smiles, back from the grave, and still keeping the namesake alive!
The other half... didn't have a clue.

 Lady Alizon and Nikki.
 Mr. President on the other hand, he's been, how do I say? ... infected.

 Ball slaps without even people asking? I guess, if that's what you're into. Slap away!
(Hey, you notice Cheece and Chong in that picture? There's also a Vicky the Robot...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Allen. Yes I know who you are. I have a "clue." I know surprisingly little about the Lady Hump blog but I know what you are saying about Johnny Lewis is WRONG. Your (your name is Allen, but you hide under the guise of "Lady Hump") Halloween costume is one of the most offensive things I have ever seen. I do not know what your blog was trying to prove or what you have done besides befuddle the public image of Mr. Lewis and make him seem like merely a joke but I take offense at it. I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I'm sure there are many other Sons of Anarchy fans who would agree with me. Nevertheless, I can tell you that you need to know I am reporting you to Google for inappropriate content and writing letters to the people at Sons of Anarchy. Maybe they can sue you (you've stolen Half Sack and other Sons of Anarchy pictures and re-posted them without permission I'm sure)? You're obviously an insecure, petty, and transparent individual. Although, your true agenda remains a mystery? Your website appears to be just stupid collection of pictures, stupid comments, all run by ignorant child-minded person pretending to be a biker. You may not fully understand how hurtful you are, thus I am willing to give you the opportunity to remove the offensive Johnny Lewis posts and allow his memory some form of dignity other than being the butt of your stupid website. How do you think his family would appreciate the humor your seem to find in his death? Do you think he had it easy? He didn't. He fought with powerful demons for a long time. I'm sure one day, you'll run into some real bikers and they'll be more than happy to give you something you deserve, a proper ass stomping!

Seamus in Seattle said...

I hope that long winded comment is some sort of joke.
If anyone bothers to read this blog for the first time they should start with post one, skip the middle and right to this hilarious post. Then go back and see how much Lucifer rules.
Buy a Wuss Army shirt already.

Lady Hump said...


Did anyone else hear Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On..." while reading that diarrhea?

Annonymous, if I look in your DVD collection will I find a copy of BRUNO? Go Yuck Fourself.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Jesus in a fucking box, just read that drivel comment for the first time . . . typical bloody humourless, reactionary, way too fucking serious kneejerk stuff . . . move away from your TV and get some life into you Mr Anonymous, this isn't a place you need to be, we're all fun people and necrophyliacs round here . . . all hail the Lady Hump, lick thee most heartily of the Holey half Sack !!!