Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sons of Anarchy (Universe updates)

I want to start this one of with a disclaimer. The Universe surrounding Sons of Anarchy is so far removed from an true sense of reality, it actually effects things outside of it's own sphere of influence. That being said, I'm not a fan of the show, but I sure as hell am a FAN of the SARCASM surrounding the show. I throw it up. In my mouth.

We're still waiting for the Toxicology report from the Corner's Officer on Johnny Lewis. That should be entertaining... but in other news, did you read that the Opie actor scored a new gig? Me neither, but wait there more. It's true... read the following;

"Ryan Hurst has joined the cabler’s drama pilot King & Maxwell." I know, Who? What? Is that a show? I dont know. But evidently it's already in it's second (?) season. It's still shopping around I guess. If there's an original cast (read below) it probably didn't test well. It must have a fan base following as large as SOA right? Maybe, not.
The Ryan Hurst, Jesus Collection proudly presents "Opie Christ"
Cause Christ was so hip, he had to wear shades...

"Hurst — whose beloved Sons character, Opie, was offed in brutal fashion at the start of the FX drama’s current fifth season — will play a high-functioning autistic savant serving a prison term for murder. The felon, who has the ability to see patterns and numerical sequences, forms a bond with King (played by the previously cast Jon Tenney) and helps make a major breakthrough in the P.I. team’s case."

So it's like a "Medival Times with C.S.I. and Ryan's a Rain-Man / Magnum P.I. but in jail for a murder, all rolled up into one?" Wow. Hollywood, you blow me away. You really really do.

The Pipe of Longinus

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WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm sooooo confused, Sons of Laughing Anarchist Biker CSI Rain Dudes, I need closure on all of this . . . if only I'd watched it I might stand a chance.