Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#STEREOTYPE YOURSELF with a NEW and unimproved Harley Davidson motorcycle

 There's something going on at the Factory. Something new and exciting! Wow.
It's called "United for Independents" and it has nothing to do with next to nothing, down the street from nothing to nowhere (if youre riding there that is). It's developed by something called a "fan machine" and seems to use a hash mark in front of the words "stereotypical harely" so that really explains it well. It's also tied into the Sons of Anarchy promotions through something for some unknown reason.

 The campaign runs through November 2012 and will continue with a promotion through Harley and SOA that gives fans an opportunity to express their individuality and defy stereotypes by customizing a new Street Bob motorcycle online with H-D1 Bike Builder. This online tool now offers the most expressive paint sets, accessories and apparel than ever before with the all-new Hard Candy (hard candy, are you serious? How about soft penis? and let's face it, the "metal flake" era is as over as it could be these days... that was so 2008-2010) Custom. One lucky winner will win a personally customized Harley-Davidson Street Bob motorcycle and a trip to Los Angeles to visit the set of Sons of Anarchy and hang out with cast members (you'll get to use the SOA staff restroom on set! I know what I'd drop there...). The partnership with FX and SOA also includes exclusive online promotional videos from the creator of SOA, Kurt Sutter, along with key cast members who share their stories about what it means to ride, (as if, have you seen Jax being towed from the film truck on his dyna?) featuring their own personal customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles. ... snore.

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 "United by Independents is as much a rally cry (Stop. I love that word. "Cry" used by the company spokes hole) to discover your ultimate self-expression and personal freedom as it is a celebration of fans and riders that continue to defy stereotypes of what it means to be a Harley-Davidson enthusiast," said Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson Director of North American Marketing Operations. "The campaign is cast entirely through social media (there's mistake #1 ...  forget social media. Get off the computer) with real (real? opposed to the fake riders... i.e., Sons of Anarchy? Who are they talking about?) riders from across the globe and from all walks of life who are united by their shared passion for the brand (please god, do they have to ram their "passion" down my throat? Make it stop. Call the Guards and tell them someone dropped the soap! FAST!!!) and their love of riding." I'm tugging for the Drag Queen to bring it home.

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There comes a point, in YOUR life, when you stand back and look at yourself and realize. I do not need a new Harley Davidson embroidered leather jacket to ride a motorcycle. I do not need new officially licensed brand boots, gloves, wallet, sun glasses, vest, chaps, t-shirts, underwear, Harley Davidson logo condoms, or any item with a grommets or a tassel sold at the dealership to ride a motorcycle. I do not need a new harley davidson motorcycle to ride a motorcycle. You don't need this blog to figure this out on your own. This is that POINT of which I speak.

You're supporting Americans if you buy it straight from an American. You're supporting overseas (or Mechichan, my new fav tag from the other nights foolishness, not that I don't like Mexicans, I secretly love them... and their "tacos." ymunny yummy... if you know what I mean and I think you DO.) factories, merchandise expansion, and worldwide dealership ventures if you buy direct from the factory.

If I want something Made in America it better as hell (as hell, meaning damn well, motor trucking better be) be MADE IN AMERICA and not simply (stupidly) "Assembled in America."


pelican said...

Wish those 2 chicks were unedited

heavy metal chuck said...

i want to hang with the polygamists

Ben Levy said...

(you'll get to use the SOA staff restroom on set! I know what I'd drop there...)


WhitelinePsycho said...

Love it when you talk dirty man, as you know, I did buy new, but that's out here where prices on used late models are fucking ridiculous, I only did that for the purposes of reliability as a work tool from day one and I wanted my first Hoglet to be mine, all mine, I was always gonna get a well and truly used ride, as were all my previous bikes, and now that's in place . . . at two years of age even my 'new' is now 'used' and the 'used' is getting 'usededer',[wtf?] but never once did I contemplate buying into the tawdry merchandise peddled by the Mo-Co supermarket, I bought the bike, not a lifestyle, I've had my own take on that for the last 25+ years and don't need grommets or tassles to get the job done, only now I'm riding one almost American made bike and one perfectly flawed, AMF era FXE as opposed to crusty old Trumpies. I'm a big boy Miss Hump, I can live with my stance as much as I can fully support your continued and heartfelt position and proposition, cracker read as always Al, keep the bile boiling.