Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mechichan Incident and Hyperboily'ee

 That's actually not a phalic' cake it's a glimmering golden.... ? I'm not sure. I guess it is a dick. Squirting a rainbow. Use your imagination. You're on the Lady Hump blog for crying out loud (softly).

 One more show for the night... One of our own who will remane nameless (until I say "Lucifer") was sitting, minding his own business, reflecting upon the great ride we just finished when the Fuzz (I love 70's slang) rolled up and decided to write him a ticket for loitering outside the bar. No. They wrote him a "Good Citation" for not crashing and inducted him into the local Boy Scout Troop. That's what happened I swear! I think, really, the truth is, they say a gangsta' looking thug rolling up behind a bunch of white boy Hazzard County biker's and decided, "Let's go get that Mechichan!" ... the rest, they say, is folk lore and hyperboily'ee (?).

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WhitelinePsycho said...

I love licking your tasty humour, that choux pastry, rainbow ejaculating, cake dwarfing phallus is case in point . . . Kat Von D is a total skank, for what that's worth. Hump on !!!