Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Calling BULLSHIT on Los Angele's new H.O.V. lanes

Not to post a ton of regurgitated information from the web, but what was supposed to make commuting in Los Angeles faster has completely worked toward the opposite. HOV lanes, and you can read all the crap you want to about there HERE, are horrible.

Key points I'm going to illuminate:

* Motorcycles can still use the HOV lanes (formerly Car Pool Lanes) as long as you BUY the Transponder Unit for your Vehicle... i.e., you pay the initial costs, monthly "maintenance" fee and tolls (?). HELL NO.
(Stolen pic of the Bullshit Device)

* Traffic in the HOV lanes is flying, because NO ONE IS USING IT. It would literally cost me $3.55 to travel a mere (less than) 5 miles on my commute to work and an additional $2.05 to come home. Assuming I'm in a vehicle (there is NO CLARIFICATION about Motorcycles ANYWHERE on the official METRO website).
(Congestion Reduction MY ASS)

* THE FREEWAYS ARE MORE DEADLY NOW. That's right, from expecting the occasional daily one or two careless screwballs who change lanes directly in my path while splitting lanes, it's gotten a lot worse. It's not five, or ten, or fifteen, it's horrible on the Harbor Fwy. Everyone is jockeying for lane positions like a damn Mad Max movie. Thanks Metro Express Lanes! 

Not that I expect Metro / City of Los Angeles to do anything about this, besides collect more money every single possible way they can, through programs like this that are complete bullshit, or fees, taxes, etc. etc. etc. They've mismanaged so much money, they have no idea how to manage money any other way... 

This is just the beginning. Pretty soon, maybe a couple of years, but this will happen to all the freeways in Los Angeles and surrounding cities I'm sure. So yeah, we're in for a scheduled raping. It's just long and slow. The opposite of a prison rape; fast and furious. But the only difference is we'll have to PAY for it as we get taken and we're told its a good thing "to reduce congestion."

No, it's for one thing and one thing only; to generate new sources of revenue.


Johnny No said...

Better come see me in Maui for some down time !!!! Exactly why we are moving out !!!

Larry said...

I hit the 110 Fwy the other day at 5:30 AM, Heading out to do a job up in Glendale. I guess I should have left at 4 AM Because The traffic was fully jacked up in the regular lanes & barely any vehicles in the billshit fast track lanes & many of them did not have the transponder, evidenced by the constantly flashing blue lights. the wasted gasoline & excess emissions of thousands of cars crawling along at inefficient speeds doing the stop n go boogie must really be contributing to green house gases, maybe the idiots who invented this bullshit should be carbon taxed, Al Gore where are you?