Monday, November 12, 2012

Hazzard County ( First Reflections )

So you say you like riding motorcycle and going on camping trips do you?

 Here's the same pictures I just posted on the thread for this event over on the Chop Cult. I'll get down to putting a lot of pictures from the event here on the Hump in the immediate future, but thought I'd start with a little (cause a full one would be near impossible) over-view of things to kick it off with.

Everyone who bought a ticket and came out, THANK YOU! You are the success story for this event. You came out, froze your ass off, and had a good time! You made this work so well. To you, the person who bought a ticket and came out, I hope you sincerely had a good time! 

At Check-In SAILOR JERRY threw in a FREE bottle of Sailor Jerry for everyone! Sailor Jerry, YOU ROCK!!!! along with an olde' tyme drinking tin, that came in your Hazzard County goodie bag along with your Hazzard Buzzard Event Shirt (special thanks to Alan Stedman for the awesome art).

Thanks to all the sponsors who donated raffle prizes; Biltwell donated the three helmets that Wuss Army Kit painted up, Atom Rotten donated mexi-blankets and jackets from 24 Cycles, Steffan from Zombie Performance threw in a set of Zombie Bars, Dee from Punk Choppers threw in 2 Porn Bars and some shirts, Lucifer Is My Homboy threw in more shirts than anyone!, Renegade Magazine threw in some free issues, Michael from Lawndale Cycle donated a bunch of shirts and motorcycle tools. Emogen threw down t-shirts and THERMAL shirts from Tri-Co., Dice Magazine threw down t-shirts and hats, CRFyou for making some special Hazzard Buzzard trucker caps, and Gasser Lounge and Lady Hump (us) both threw in a bunch of swag, hats, and magazines on top of it all. You guys made the raffle awesome!

Thanks to Curly Wolf for the LIVE MUSIC.

Thanks to Mikey B. form the Gasser Lounge (... for my Lady Hump Unicorn Eulogies around the camp fire, goodbye Sparkle and Glitter, you will never be forgotten. You're spirits may be gone, but your flavor in the All You Can Eat Chili will taste good tonight). Seriously, this "Escape to Hazzard County" was Mikey B.'s original idea, and I give him the credit for anything I managed to organzie, I did it with his vision through my twisted Lady Hump ideas of what it should be. The Lady Hump just put all the pieces in motion. Ultimately, everyone in attendance made this work so well.

Thanks to the Sugar Mash support team at Hazzard County, who helped this whole thing fall into place. This is probably why M/C's have Prospects, to do all the continuous dirty work (cause it's work for sure). Thank you all for your help and muscle with building the bar, moving hay bales, driving support trucks, working the check in booth, carrying kegs, picking up the slack when we were too frazzled to think straight! Yep, thank you). Atom from brining the pack up from San Diego, and CRFyou for Road Duke'n rally at the Gasser Lounge Saturday morning, Lady Alizon, everyone loved yor home made Chili, it's was kick fucking ass good!!!!! Atom Rotten (the "Raffle Ticket Pusher" was hustlin' all night with Alizon and then the Rev. Thanks guys).

I should really thank the Rangers and Staff at Lake Cachuma too. You guys didn't give us any grief once the bikes rolled in, en mass, everything worked out perfect ... I hope we cleaned everything up well enough for you. Cleaning up broken hay bales ain't as easy as you think witout rakes... 

You feel like a dick when you forget to thank someone who helped you do something at one of these types of events, and I'm sure I've forgotten someone and I'm sorry, so this last thanks if for YOU, because whatever you did, when I remember it... I'll post it up. Thank you all.

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