Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hazzard County Hangover (or) Hazzard County Exodus ?

The morning after the Hazzard County party, I made hot breakfast for anyone who wanted it, served danish rolls and nearly 200 cups of coffee... I figured, if you're going to throw a bash as big as this one with as much alcohol as we had, you'd better have coffee in the morning for everyone to snap out of Zombie mode. I was right. Well played, Mr. Caffine, well played. Not eveyone stayed for breakfast. Some "boned out" at the crack of dawn with the frost still on their backs for work or to avoid eye contact with whomever they stumbled over the night before... all I can say is; I don't think I've ever picked up as much (under) clothing along with the trash as I did this morning after. Let's not even talk about the condoms...

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