Monday, November 5, 2012

Kit's working at a le' Fever pace to finish the helmets for Hazzard County

 The Daisy Duke contest helmet is looking to be the most hellarious helmet this side of the Chattahochee River! And yeah, rain or shine, this shin dig is going on, so some lucky Lass' (or Bro) might be getting his or her shiver on to win this prize. Space is SOLD OUT, so if you just found your inner strength to attend this event .... Sorry. You'll have to enjoy it from the ranks of your couche as we post pictures on FB and back at the Lady Hump upon our return. And really, wouldn't it be worth it to see Daisy all "perky" for this one? I thought so.

 The lettering on the back of the Bo & Luke helmet. Gold Leaf.

 Some flair along the side of the Hazzard Buzzard helmet. Looking good enough! Hell, looking AWESOME!!! And some lucky cat's going to be taking these helmets home with them.

 And yeah, the shirts are in.... 

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