Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 On the run out to Hazzard County, apparently, some bikes got pulled over for something or another and a couple riders ended up with tickets for "passing on the right." Luckily no one got pinched or poked and everyone made it to Hazzard County! I told you the FUZZ was hot on your tail, shake those feathers!

These photographs (aside from the map above) are submissions by Naked Rob, who, to those privy on the matter is notorious for not sending me his photos to post up on the Lady Hump. Well, he came through this time and I'm pretty stoked. Anyone else have photos form Hazzard County, send them in! If they're spectacular, they'll make the next Lady Hump (as of yet untittled) 2012 Photography Book.

 Goodbye Sparkles, we'll never forget the sacrifice you made for us (in the all you can eat bottomless chili dinner meat).
Unicorn Eulogy

Photography by Naked Rob

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