Monday, November 19, 2012

"Oh man, I'm so bummed I missed Hazzard County, I could cut my wrists...."

Why kill yourself when you can come out and ride with us? We've got more dates set than eHarmony has singles. We've got more dates in motion than the Pleasure Chest has hand lotion? We've got more dates on the calendar than Linday Lohan has missed in Los Angeles Superior Court ~ Zing!

We got the 3rd Annual, HUG THE COAST RIDE from the Gasser Lounge to the David Mann Chopperfest (Sunday, December 9th 2012, meet at the Gasser at 9:00 am. Gassed up and ready to roll.)

but wait there's more...

According to the Mayan Calendar, that's all folks at our END OF THE WORLD Ride and Party, Friday December 21st, 2012. Why Friday? Cause Rebecca Black says so Bitch! Meet at 6:00 pm and we'll cruise around while the city street crumble beneath us and when we get back to the bar someone is going to be held responsible! Responsible for destroying the world that is...

But damn, what if the world doesn't end on December 21st? What if the Prophecy is WRONG?

We got dates for that too... Check it out, 2013 is already here!
We've planned the entire year, so get ready wrap some duct tape over those open wounds on your wrists and let's twist this throttle up some.... something crazy!

What? What MOVIE?
The movie we secretly filmed at the Escape to Hazzard County camping trip! 
"I didn't see any cameras?"
No, you didn't. We had secret cameras installed around the camp to capture you fools getting drunk and getting your mojo hand shaked! ... intriguing?

January 19th Movie Premier
February 2nd LADY HUMP 2012 Magazine Release Party
February 23rd Johnny Cash Birthday SUE BOY II ride
March 16th St. Patricks Day Ride and Party
March 30th, everyone's favorite, WELCOME BACK JESUS PARTY!!!!!!

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