Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pour Forth' Yawn Frothy Concoctions and Specialities

The Sportster Tap at the Gasser Lounge

Others have tried to make taps out of motorcycle engines, and I give them the nod for trying, but if it's not a Sportster engine, the beer is proven to pour flat. And that's a bad thing...
... and others (always flat)
... and others (still flat)

So if you expect your beer to be served chilled and fresh, it has to be from a Sportster Tap.
If you know this blogs love affair with the Sportster, you're slowing shaking your head in the affirmative and trying to figure out how you can convince your wife (or girlfriend, or boyfriend, or Ex-, or whatever) that renting a movie tonight and staying home, is nothing more than a bad idea waiting to happen...

Good ideas are served nightly from a Sportster tap.

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