Thursday, November 22, 2012


 We're putting a couple of our most popular items in the Store ON SALE TODAY!
Sale lasts through end of day Friday ... and remember, all prices include shipping (U.S. only)

patches are $6.00 (one $1 off)

Regularly $19., on SALE for $17.
A savings of $2 whole dollars! With inflation over time, that's like a million bucks!!!

And out best seller, the PRISON SHANK 2.0 SHIRT
Regularly $19., on SALE for $17.
Let's give it UP for Rebecca Black!!!

Also, over on Steffan's ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE BLOG he's blowing out his Zombie v. Deer shirts for $20.00 and you can't beat that deal with a stick!
He's also back at it building bars (his healing is coming along nicely) so take a look around his blog and order yourself up some new bars! His bars ARE the best home-built bars on the market today (that's a Lady Hump STONE COLD fact!)

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