Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time for some Gratitude to all the Hazzard County Raffle Sponsors

I'll go over the list of the groups, individuals and company's that donated prizes to the ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY Raffle;
You guys who made donations, I totally appreciate it one and all. And everyone who bought tickets, you broke us even steven on the trip. We had a few added exenses that were "unseen" charges and some additional bike fee's (?), whacky, I know, I could have fit 500 bikes in our camp ground...? But whatever, thank you so much for coming out and having a blast! Be sure to visit our Hazzard Love  Connection Network (links below)...
Biltwell donated the three prize helmets which were then painted by Kit, 2 went to the raffle and the third went to the winner of the Co-Ed Daisy Duke Contest 
Atom Rotten / 24 Cycles / Beerbreed
Tri Co. donated much desired long sleeve thermal shirts and other swag
Dice Magazine threw down some trucker hats and swag
Lawndale Cycle parts, tools, and swag
Punk Choppers 2 sets of bars, one standard, one metric!
Zombie Performance some black powder coated sweetness
Gasser Lounge shirts, wind breakers, and hats
Lady Hump (duh, me...) photography books and shirts
CRFyou (you hated him on Chop Cult, but you're lovin' him now...) made some kick ass flip up Trucker Hats that everyone cried for... and I can't blame them!

 The Curly Wolf jamming on the dinner tables.
 Thanks to Atom for not using more than 4 cuss words per scentence... oh wait, never mind.

 Snow in Hazzard County? Maybe just some Unicorn Dust from the fireside sacrifice... 
Was it cold?
Depends on whom you ask.
Rev thought it was a might humid for his "little goblins."

The last picture was edited by the Hazzard County Department of Decency and Moral Standards, reason; Content contained male genitalia.

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