Thursday, December 20, 2012


 What can I say that hasn't already been said here on the Lady Hump about HAZZARD COUNTY?
 I'll give you a little back ground story perhaps?
The Gasser Lounge started hosting monthly bike nights, which brought out a good number of locals. Then the call came to step it up a notch. I (Lady Hump) volunteered that instead of monthly bike nights, we started rides that would start from the bar and run to other events, much like our "Wuss Army" did with the Slab City Riots and Operation Elusive Unicorn, but more often and always starting from the bar. Well, this grew our ranks even more! One thing let to another, two years into throwing our own rides, events, and hell' fun parties surrounding almost every holiday of the year, and having booths at the bigger chopper shows... We find ourselves in the mood to go on a camping trip and want to envite all our friends! To get away from it all, so to speak, but to bring it with us also...

When was the last time you went on a camping trip and they built an actual bar on location? Not likely me thinks. We wanted everyone at the ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY to feel like they were at the bar! The advance ticket price you paid ($42.) to come on out, entitled you to FREE drinks all night long, as much as you could drink from 10 kegs! Seriously, count them. Throw on top of that Sailor Jerry throwing down EVERYONE in attendance a free bottle of Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum and bottles flowing around the campfire, and you've got yourself the value you've already paid for the trip, right? In addition, you got a goodie bag full of stickers and buttons, raffle tickets and free drink coupons for the next time you made it to the Gasser Lounge (I know, if you missed this one, you're probably tired of reading by now...), but you also got a free event shirt (awesome) and then there was the food...

Sailor Jerry had a grill master on site and made lunch for eveyone as they rolled up form all points north or south.

Motorcycle camping trips are rare these days, but we're conveinced they're the best kind of events there are! Parties and Grand Opening, Swap Meets and Chopperfests are "ok", but Motorcycle Camping Trips are way above the rest... say it ain't so?
 There was LIVE music by THE CURLY WOLF
And how many time in the past have you seen live music shut down because of the "no amplified music" rule, that would only be selectively enforced by LEO's? Well, this is Hazzard County, so what better than to have rocking blue grass band jamming tunes (and have them play throughout the night).
 So back to the food? The last time you went somewhere, they served cold hot dogs and burgers as the main course right? I mean, really how can you feed 100 beer swiggin' bikers from a BBQ at a single time and expect everyone to be satisfied with their cold burned burger? You cant. We had that super nova big-bang spark of pure genius during the planning stages of Escape to Hazzard County, and we asked Lady Hump's own Lady Alizon if she could make a Chili (all you can eat) Dinner for 100 people and have enough to feed everyone seconds or thirds if they so desired! She laughed and said, "Of course!" and so it was. poof "creation" just occured before your very eyes!


 Let's not forget, the one thing we had looming over our heads on this trip was the weather. People were concerned that the forcast called for rain... but this was a rian or shine event, so we werent' so concered. We had a truck load of pop-ups in the event it was to rain and about 200 feet of plastic tarp to cover anything that needed to be covered. Proper preparation people. This was going to be a sucessful camping trip with or without rain, but alas, rain it did not. 

Hazzard County Sponsors who donated to the raffle prizes were awesome. The CO ED DAISY DUKE Contest brought out half a dozen contestants trying to win the Biltwell Inc. helmet painted by Wuss Army "Kit" Grand Prize. Brianna took that puppy home with an awesome "splits" display, and keep in mind it was in the low 40's during this contest! So yeah, there was some desire present there to win. Thanks again to all the Raffle Sponsors and the Contestants!

 The rest they say is History.... and there was plenty more to say and even more I forgot, but for those of you who were there, thank you!

 (these two pics by Nikki)

If you want to see more Hazzard County pictures (search back throught the month of November 2012 in the Lady Hump archives and you'll find plenty of pictures)

There's a movie in the works. Premier Party at the Gasser Lounge January 19th 2013.

And people ask; "Will there be another Hazzard County?" All I can say, there's plans in the works to Return to Hazzard County although Hazzard County itself (Twilight Zone style) is MOVING...

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