Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#10 WORST of 2012 ( The SOA Fans )

You watch the show every week and have "parties" surrounding season premiers and season finallies. You know the show is FAKE... but you don't care.

... But what's "faker" than Son's of Anarchy?
The fans!
( i.e., you... )

SOA Cut: Check. 
Friends on Facbook: 196
Friends in Real Life: 1 (My cat "Iroman" named after the song, not the movie)

You started Glam. You went Goth for a girl who never gave it up, and finally, you found yor true cut in "Anarchy."

 Society will remember the Son's of Anarchy fans as they remember the Star Wars and Star Trek Nerds who line up weeks in advance of a movie premier dressed as Jedi Knights and Klingons.
"Well, there's nothing wrong with that?"
If you say so... I say so.

"About you. Every night. I totally dream in Corellian."

"I'm ready Mom. We can go to the grocery store now. Gotta get my Cereal."

From a website called "Superficial" who'd of thunk?

"Check out da' new Bling... SOA baby in da' house."

"You SOA fags have nothing on the Kingon Empire!!! Death to Anarchist Hispsters."

Nice try. Airbrushing your colors free hand has limited success results...?

"Look. I'm your biggest fan!"
Jax says; No. But your sitting next to a fan ....

Did you see last nights episode of Workaholics? 

"Will they even remember us Pedro?"
Si ~

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Mate, they are so much worse than Trekkies and Star Wars nerds, at least they know their favourite shows are only fantasy . . . what the fuck is a SAMCRO ???