Saturday, December 8, 2012

#13 BEST of 2012 ( Pool Party after Born Free )

 So yeah, everyone's has heard of Born Free (now in it's fifth year for 2013...) but for the last two years the Gasser Lounge has been throwing Mikey B's WHITE TRASH POOL PARTY the day AFTER Born Free.

The truth is there's a three day party at the Gasser Lounge every year surrounding Born Free. You can come out the Friday before, the day of (most people roll up after the show) and the day following is always the POOL PARTY, so if you're in town and not sure what else there is to do... because everyone is going to Born Free, so no one really plans anything else those days, this is your #2 on the "In Town To-Do List" See you there!

The Rules are simple; You MUST BE 21, no expections. No outside beverages allowed. Expect to get splashed, i.e. its a Pool Party for crying out loud... so cover up that cell phone, and (read this one twice) DONT BE A CREEP (this isn't the first time you've seen Boobies... Creeps get the boot out!)

 There is limited motorcycle parking available pool side, but that fills up quick so don't come all late.
Figure early afternoon to be safe.

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