Thursday, December 6, 2012

#15 BEST of 2012 ( Tank Slogan )

I posted this one earlier in the year as a teaser, but it holds true. The BEST Tank Slogan for 2012 is absolutely this one. 
 Nat' it's on a Sportster too... goes without saying, I know.
 If you live in Southern Califrnia, or any other large metropolitain area, I'm sure you have this same promlem. In Los Angeles it's almost as if there's a law that say YOU HAVE TO TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE while driving with the amount of people doing so. What else can you do in traffic? Eat? No food. Drink? No Booze. Smoke Dope? They do that too. Sex? Not often during rush hour and seeing as how you'll spend a couple hours in traffic, you're no Adonis there Buddy, what are you good for 10 minutes max? No. The correct answer is TALKING or TEXTING on your cell phone (unlimited minutes obviously).
Just another picture of a horrible wash-up. How many cars has Lohan crashed again?

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