Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#16 BEST (is the WORST) of 2012 ( The Devil's Ride COMMENTS )

How is this in the BEST of 2012? I didn't make more than two or three posts in passing all year long about the Laffin' Devils. But, I did keep an eye on something I found hellariously funny... the comments about the show. I could literally start this post with just about ANY comment made from ANY forum or comment section, or Facebook comment regarding The Devil's Ride show on the Discovery network. The comments made by thousands of people are funnier than anything I've ever written on the Lady Hump (and to pat myself on the back, I've been known to write some pretty funny stuff, from time to time...) but The Devil's Ride has taken the trophy (or should I say "Tr(ph)ony"?) for "MOST PUNKED" M/C on the innerdweeb (internet).
Here's just a selection, but I encourage you to take a look around and see for yourself... I'll also LINK some of the original sites I've taken these comments off of.

COMMENT: "I've ridden with two clubs more hardcore than LD. One was the Harley Owners Group and the other was a club for police, firefighters, and EMS. It was co-ed and allowed bikes not made in America."

COMMENT: "These guys are really intimidating, the way they smoke cigars and drop the f bomb all the time. I got a feeling that Discovery blurs out the faces of the police who ride by to disguise the fact that the cops are laughing (excuse me, laffing) themselves silly. They talk about "disrespect' more than the Crips and Bloods put together, but it comes across as a hissy fit."

COMMENT: "Laffing Dildoes"

COMMENT: "To all the Laughing Devils….. So you want to look like a 1% club and be a bad ass, but when you get called out you want to return to the 99% again? Truth is you have to form your own club because no one would want you in their’s. You wouldn’t get past the hang around stage. Discovery channel saw you in the real world as a joke. They stroked your ego’s, waived money in your face and let you do all the rest. Don’t say “this is not us” when clearly it is…… stop playing dress ups, sell the Harleys and go buy a Jap Bike."

SOURCE: and if you're already not a reader, start reading this one... The Aging Rebel

There's also a "Cover Up" occuring with the negative postings. Facebook and Discovery Channel comments are regularly deleted. One of my favorite(s) was the "Lesbian Thumb Ring" chain of comments. It seem's the Presidents Bio on the Discovery Channel had a picture of him wearing a Thumb Ring and hordes of people punked him on it... all those posts conveniently disappear from time to time.

Then there was this NEWS RELEASE: LA MESA, Calif. – A star of a Discovery Channel show “The Devi’s Ride” was arrested Tuesday and accused of committing sexual acts with his stepdaughter, police said. Thomas Quinn, AKA GYPSY who was featured on the motorcycle club show, was in front of Grossmont Hospital Tuesday afternoon when police took him into custody for an alleged lewd act with some under the age of 18, according to La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass. “We had information from a parent that initially gave us some information,” said Nicholass. “The detective conducted a pretty thorough investigation and ended up arresting him.” Fox 5 tried to contact other members of the club as well as other bikers in the East County Community and were told “silence” is the code of the club.

Silence is the Code of the Club... on Reality TV (seriously?)

Moving on, there's supposedly a Second Season coming up... Good Press or Bad Press, it's all a marketing gimmick to get couch potatoes to watch television and buy merchandise.
Buy your SHIT here. But dont... that's a joke so you can see the crap they're trying to pawn off on retards who watch the show...

Jax says' "Fuck that FAKE shit..."
(it's funny because it's ironic...
"How is it ironic?"
... it just is.)


WhitelinePsycho said...

Hey Lady, 'Laffing Dildoes' was mine from a PooTube clip ages ago, just sayin . . . these kooks make SOA seem somehow acceptable.

x said...

The L.D.'s have a security team to follow them when they film because of all their bullshit, poser, lame,fake,staged,after school special, wanna be, "biker club". Wow, it even hurt writing biker club.