Monday, December 3, 2012

#18 BEST of 2012 ( February Blogosphere Challenge )

 The idea was simple...
Encourage everyone who wanted to dedicate a entire month of ORIGINAL BLOG CONTENT to The Lady Hump "February Blogosphere Challenge" and a chance to win a mighty gift package from the Lady Hump.
The results were pretty good, and let's review for just a second; Aren't you tired of all the re-post drivel that's absorbed the interdweeb net and especially Facebook? It's 99% recycled garbage. I'm tired of seeing the same copied Street Chopper pictures from the 70's, Sturgis pics and (the I hate them so much friends have unfriended me) POLITICAL DIARRHEA... So sick of it. If I see the World's Most Interesting Man or Futureama's Fry squinting one more damn time... ugghhh!

So who participated and where are they now? Let's take a sneak peak and see if they're still blogging... here's the roll call:
and the winner of the challenge last year was...

So are we going to do it again? 
Around the middle/end of January we'll have a POST designed specifically for the 2013 FEBRUARY BLOGOSPHERE CHALLENGE and I've already decided, the same rules as last year apply ... 

The rules are simple; post only original self taken content (your own photos or from your close friends who might be taking pictures of or with you), post at least three to four times a week (minium of 12 posts for the month) should be acceptable (posting once, really doesn't show commitment or mental capacity at all for this particular Challenge.). Extra credit will be given to those who post daily or muliple posts daily. Go overboard if you want. And, finally, posts/pictures/etc. need to be Sportster(s), Motorcycle(s); shovels, pans, knuckers, etc. etc. Hondas are acceptable too, Life Style, Hipster, Man Cave, Barn Finds, teasing Hipsters, cool art (?), and the like in nature (and we don't mean you naked in the woods behind the tool shed puffin' the dragon every day, over and over, even if that is your "style" of "life." hot chicks in your harem is fine, but not pinched from Suicide Gals or whatever... and yeah, I guess Van's will be included too, sheesh. (disclaimer: if we think your blog has violated the rules we'll call you on the gym mat, or if it's just some retarded lame piece of poop, we'll drop you like it's hot!)

... and that there'll be TWO PRIZES
2nd Place will be any year Lady Hump book (your choice) in addition to any shirt (style and size) of your choice thats available in the store.
1st Place will win a complete collection of all three LADY HUMP photography books; 2010, 2011, and 2012 mailed directly to you.

So yeah, you've still got time to start amassing a mountain load of photographs and home spun stories for the upcoming Challenge... see you in the middle or January for the sign-up post.

Assuming the World Ends on Dec. 21st 2012, according to Mayan Prophecy, this post is null and void.

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