Sunday, December 2, 2012

#19 WORST of 2012 ( The Abortionfest )

Why God? Why...?

 I almost don't even want to post any of the bikes from this show on these hollow pages of the Lady Hump (yeah, spelled wrong on purpose). So let's put aside the bikes for the moment...
* * * $$$$$$$$ * * *
You gotta pay a ridiculous amount for parking and an even MORE ridiculous amount for "preferred" parking. Then you gotta stand in line with all the leather sold in the last six months from every dealer in the greater Los Angeles / Southern California area smelling of Pakistani piss and hot oil to buy a $20 ticket. You can also buy a souvenir pin for an additional $10. Joy Joy.
You get inside and you're overwhelmed by the lack of substance. You might even feel like you're in an episode of American Chopper or something equally fake... which boils it right down to the bone.
Who in the hell likes these over-customized motorcycle inspired polished (not polish) abortions?
Plenty of people obviously, just nobody I know... who are these strange folk that dress up and play motorcycle and come drool over these machines which never see the road?
Don't get me started on the food prices.
And go SOBER, leave SOBER or your bank will cancel your debit card when you try to pay for a beer. Ca'ching, ca'ching, ca'ching... goes the trolly....

I'm not even going to make fun of S.O.A. in this post... it's unnecessary, they'll make fun of themselves soon enough in the Best and Worst of 2012.


Now to be perfectly honest, there is a shinning light at the Easyrider show, and only one shinning light ... that of the DLMC, who for yet another year, have presented a outright 'in yo face(!) anti-spectacle at the show. It still doesn't change this from being the WORST show of the year, but it helps, it certainly helps.

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dwrenched G said...

WhitelinePsycho said...

What an insanely inane bunch of shit that is, I can visualise and smell the entire caper . . . ca'ching is what that's all about, stop hurting yourself Al, cease and desist pronto. As for the newly unearthed evidence, right on buddy, right on.