Saturday, December 1, 2012

#20 BEST of 2012 ( Unicorns )

BEST & WORST of 2012

 It's hard to loose someone you love, and nobody loved Sparkles and Glitter the way that I did. Leave it up to the Gasser Lounge's own Mikey B., to remember the fallen during our Escape to Hazzard County camping trip. Everyone toasted a glass of warm (unicorn milk infused) rum to the memory of both Sparkles and Glitter as Mikey B. threw their ashes into the fire.
A tear was shed collectively by all (and that in no way was caused by the magnesium and phosphorus  dust ignited accidentally at the same time).
So, yeah, two dead Unicorns won BEST of 2012 for simply existing ... well that and they were delicious.
 In fact, if you look closely, you may actually see the spirit of Sparkles emerging from the flames. I had to use some of my often misunderstood paranormal photographical studies, obtained during my short time working for the Vatican, before they were forced to change my identity for my own protection, to clear up the image, but I believe you can just make out "Sparkles" if you look closely... Glitter, alas was a black Unicorn (the rarer of the species) and I was unable to find her ghost image, possibly she still haunts Hazzard County to this day?

Then someone has to always be the one to ask? How'd they both die at the same time?
"All you can eat Hazzad County Chili Dinner.... it was the Rave!!!"

Second Runner Ups ?

There have been several sighting of Unicorns at many events and parties in 2012. These few images below were captured at the Alien Abduction Bash, Rachel, Nevada, May 19th 2012.

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