Monday, December 10, 2012

3rd Annual Hug The Coast Ride

 Wow. Thanks for everyone who showed up to the 3rd Annual Hug The Coast Ride to the David Mann Chopperfest. Really good turn out and really good timing (I think we hit a total of 2 lights on the entire way up and everything else was Green! Statistically impossible perhaps... but true.)

Torres put his side car on his Pan and pretty much kept up at the end of the pack without any problems. Again, this was on a Sunday so the roads were open (for the most part) and we hit all the green lights...

Here is one rare picture taken at a red light somewhere in Malibu.

Thanks again everyone. I had a great time riding up with everyone! Fun times for sure. I'll post some show pics in the next post today and my show review (cause I know "you care.")

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