Monday, December 17, 2012

#4 WORST of 2012 ( Breaking a Leg )

"So, ummm... Tell me how you broke it again. I love this story..."

 Seems like in 2012, everybody was crashing (Lucifer...) and breaking something, more often than not, they were breaking legs. I know about 4 other guys that also broke a leg in 2012. Although mine was from something way more HARDCORE than motorcycle riding. I was actually Mark Spitz'ing swimming off the shores of Costa Rica and got caught up in a curl that slammed me down onto some Volcanic pack sand. I then had to fight off sharks, an octopi, some lobster crabs and a Horny Corn Dog Merman, before finally treading water doggy style back to shore (about 100 yards) and limping my gimp self up to the tiki hut we were living in for the month. Sure, I said, let's go out into the wild jungle and just live like the Blue Lagoon... there's no one for miles around... Another plus was I got to try out all thee colors of the rainbow in the latest cast technologies from the Hospital. Imagine this; Lady Hump drowns off the coast of Costa Rica and no one cares. 
I imagine it every day you Bastards! Why don't you care?
Considering everything involved I shouldn't even post this as a Worst of 2012. People like to buy a guy with the broken leg a beer, as long as he's not a dick to begin with.
Ha ha. Just kidding. I spent the who time recovering drukn, I dnot remmber a thnig...

Rehab is for Upssys! 

Keep On' Keep'n On!

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