Saturday, December 15, 2012

#6 BEST of 2012 ( Full Costume Ride for CARNEVIL )

 You simply can't beat the GASSER LOUNGE for hosting rides and parties in the South Bay / Los Angeles area. They're not mega huge enough to draw negative attention (from LEO's or Assholes who travel in packs) but they're sure fun as hell ... CARNEVIL is no different. Usually spread over 3 to 5 nights during Halloween week, we roll full costume somewhere stupid to do something stupid and have a blast doing it. This year we went from the bar, to eat down at the end of the Vista Del Mar, over to the Halloween party at Lawndale Cycle and then back to the bar for CARNEVIL where we had booze, the Straight Jacket Escape Contest, lots more booze and the Dead Marionette Theatre performance! Incredible? It's hard to even convey if you weren't there...

Who me? I was Jonny Lewis of course. The anti-SOA costume.
When are his damn "real" toxicology results coming out????
The made for T.V. movie of his life is comeing soon ...
Kit snuck in a little pre-Hazzard County Hillbilly

Chuck-Duck Dyna-Dynasty

I don't even know, should I thank them???

Who's getting dirty down there?

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