Friday, December 14, 2012

#7 BEST of 2012 ( Love Cycles 3 Year Anny. Party )

Jeremiah Love's 3rd year anniversary party for his shop, LOVE CYCELS.
Not sure if he's going to have a 4th?
If he does, I'll be there and I suggest you do too cause it's always a great party.

 Parking in the rear (and even that overflowed)

Just a little heads up, so to speak. If you're considering a new Condom brand, might we suggest "Lady Hump" Ribbed for all your pleasure concerns (designed to pleasure both you and him ... or her. Depending on the flow of traffic?)
Actual condom dispenser seen on the road returning from PHX along the Hwy 10. Someone's got a funny idea of why I hand out stickers ... or maybe, the right idea?

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