Thursday, December 13, 2012

#8 BEST of 2012 ( Philo Beddoe Family Reunion )

 The scortchin' heat on the 5 (even at the dead of night), the sleeping on the road at the truck stop, the scortching heat, the meeting up with fellow Beerbreed along the way in the scortching heat. The party (luckily without the scortching heat of the Grapevine along the 5... until the following ride home on Sunday). All made for a fantastic trip. I took about 600 pictures and the best of those (will not be here) but will be in the 2012 Lady Hump photography book due out early February (stay tuned for that puppy!) Really, these few pictures can't do this trip, ride, food, location, justice in any way or shape. Super huge thanks and man hugs to Gabe of After Hours Choppers who put this (last) event on!

(Stolen pic above... thanks)

 Spartan Style Man Wrasslin'
 Ride out to the Lake (in the scortchin' heat... perfect relief!)
 More booze than even T.J. Doyle could consume (in one sitting, in the scortching heat...)
And the "Sobering Lawn" where you're stay was most welcome ...

I'll also say this about Gabe. His shit was together. Respect.

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