Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#9 BEST of 2012 ( Best Artist )

Meet Naked Rob (above)

Naked Rob will tell you that the success of Nude Fire Jumping depends solely on pre-jump calisthenics, stretches, and tugs.

Yes, there is a new sport on the cutting edge of Olympic recognition. The sport of Nude Fire Jumping. As modern man can tell you, fire jumping was initially the result of intoxication (fermented berries) and bravado by early Neanderthal Man, who, once they were able to retain fire, decided to use it in their mating rituals as a lure to the (sometimes) opposite sex.

You'll have to wait for the movie release (January 2013) for the "loose" footage...

But wait, there's more! Here's the BACON RUN movie of his first public jump way back when.

The Bacon Run 2012. There Will Be Bacon. From San Diego, Corona, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and surrouning cities and towns of So Cal, those brave enough and hungry enough rode for the love of Bacon. They rode their Balls Out, and rode them back home in the rain...

But what does any of that have to do with BEST Artist for 2012?

Well, some might argue that Nude Fire Jumping is an Art, but you're right. Nothing...

The BEST Artist once again goes to Alan Stedman who (again this year) always throws down the killer art for the Lady Hump, Gasser Lounge, and anyone else who's got a flair for his skills!!!

Thanks for the Hazzard Buzzard this year Alan, she's a beaut' without fault.

and all the other great stuff you put together for us around here...

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