Monday, December 10, 2012

David Mann Chopperfest 2012 (one of many coming)

 All you need to know;
This years David Mann Chopperfest was better than the two previous years because a.) It didn't rain the day before (or morning of) and b.) (for whatever reason) the gay ass transformer bikes weren't there (i.e., what I call the substitute bikes, since Born Free took the "choppers" away from the Chopperfest so to speak). That's the short version.
 Attendance was super good, the way I remember it from years ago. Twice the bike parking (2 lots) (both overfull). And since, my favorite part of this show is the "parking lots" and NOT the show grounds. You know I got lots of parking shots coming up in the days ahead! Bikes should be ridden' not grassed' man...
 You see this one? It's Atom's Nessy Digger (new paint.. sweetness)

Again, Atom's Nessy Digger. Close up. 
And... I love that Sportster.

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