Saturday, December 1, 2012

"We broke up because he called me Kelly (Osbourne) during coitus!"

The Johnny Lewis toxicology results are in, and...
They say he had no drugs in his system at his time of death. 
...right. Mental Illness alone triggered his Hollywood Spiral to Hell Journey.

On Sept. 26, Lewis allegedly stormed into the apartment of his landlady, Catherine Chabot David, around 10:40 a.m.
The actor then smashed David’s furniture and strangled her to death, investigators said. Nail marks on both sides of his neck, discovered during the autopsy, may have indicated some sort of struggle during his attack.
Lewis then fled from the scene of the crime, hopped a nearby fence, and came upon one of David’s neighbors, Daniel Blackburn, and a handyman. Police said he may have then fought them off with a two-by-four and possibly a paint roller (weapon of choice? not really).

Shortly afterward, Lewis had climbed onto the roof of the home where he rented a room from David and then fell or leapt to his death in the driveway, where police later found his body.

Kate Perry, is now apparently, the "expert" speaker on the Johnny Lewis even though they only dated during 2005.
Their relationship ended when Johnny, high on narcotics would call Katy Perry "Kelly" (in reference to Kelly Osbourne) during sexual intercourse.
Johnny Lewis was so distraught over the break up with Katy that he would stalk the singer when she was in town (between acting on Sons of Anarchy televison show and trolling for crack in Los Felix).

"And you thought my life was stupid? Boy... were you wrong."


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