Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big In Japan ... Slab City Riot 4, not exactly...

Didn't expect to find a 6 page spread on the Slab City Riot 4 (?), which technically was to be the Slab City Riot 3, but turned into the event better known as the Operation Illusive Unicorn (which also then came to be known as Operation Elusive Unicorn... to much information, I know.) But, considering Douche Larouche was there, I should have expected better things. And I found out why the mag was shrink wrapped. It contained two (2) calendars for 2012 with some awesome photography. 
Wow. This guy (whomever the photographer was) took pictures of a lot of people. Great job. Cheers to Hot Bike Japan.
 Never Readys
 Look, some bonehead working on a Sportster? Whadda' tool.
As if I'd ever need to work on it?
 Zombie Performance rocking the Unicorn Knitty
 Kit rocking the Wuss Ride t-shirt for the Slab City Riot 3 that never happened.
Oh yeah, there's a ton of pictures in this mag (duh?). If you're a Sportster fan, you won't be disapointed.

Tomorrow the "February Blogoshpere Challenge" starts right here (and across the web on blogs that have joined up! Looking forward to a month of great postings.) I'm packing the new Canon S100 in my pistol holster. We're riding to Arizona for the Love Cycles show, leaving at 7am Saturday. Larouchentines on the 10th. And we might be riding to San Diego on the 11th, TBD (?), and there's the NOT TO BE MISSED Johnny Cash Birthday Bash on the 25th at the Gasser Lounge!
you wanna get in on any of this, email me HERE.

GNRS ~ Inside the show, but outside the Exibit Halls

Just a few more shots from outside the show.

Hot Bike Japan in Los Angeles, where to find it?

 Ok, so the Occupy crowd had totally killed the economic lively hood of small business around City Hall in Downtwon Los Angeles, much like they killed the lawn. Pee will do that. So I was forced to spend the day Downtown, so I decided to make it the opportunity to pick up  some I {heart} Sportster magazines or Hardcor Chopper's from Japan...
 Turns out, that within a stones throw from City Hall is Little Tokyo. I know there's a small bookstore there that sells imported magazines from (guess where?) Japan.
 If you're interested, and there's a lot of requests of the "Where can I buy..." kind on the local forums and what not, slightly south south/east from City Hall is where you'll find this little bookstore, like one block away inside a two level shopping center.
 Kinokuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo
located at 123 Astranaut E. S. Onizuka St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 68704480
They also have locations in New York, Palisades Center, NY, San Franscisco, Seattle, Portland, San Jose, and Costa Mesa. So if you really just gotta have some Japaneese Biker magazines, here's a source.
 They had a couple of the regular mags today, but let me forwarn you, this stuff aint cheap.
The only magazine (and yes, I've publically stated before how against todays magazines I am...) I picked up was the Hot Bike Japan.
And, now hold you nose, cause if you're drinking soda or something more malty, it's about to come up when you read this: it cost me $32 and change! Wow.
Does the American dollar suck o' what? Thank you Obama.

HOT BIKE JAPAN, The Magazine for Human Beings Who RIde Harley Davidson.
January 2012, Volume 123.
Comes shrink wrapped for your protection I harken'?
Still, I'd rather have one issue of Hot Bike Japan in a language I can't even read, with Scrotum on the cover, than a years subscription to a maganzine that gives me a headache to even read every month delivered.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cars or something? Doesn't GNRS mean Guns N' Roses???

So here's the deal. I remember, slightly, going to the GNRS (not to be confused with GNR, which instantly comes to mind. Sweet Child o' Mine) ... anyway, last year. There was some pretty cool stuff there last year. This year, was everything else plus some Denver's Cycles. Not that this stuff ain't cool, it kinda is. It's hard enough for me to accept Vans, let alone all these Rat Rods (?)(I don't know what you call them. Rather, I don't know what you'd "like" to call them. Or, rather, I don't know what you'd like to call them "today"....) So, in the next few days, I'll do my best to honor the Denver's greatness and some other pretty interesting stuff, but I really didn't even take as many pictures as I usually do. Some entire buildings I walked through without a single picture. Just not my ball of wax. Pin-striping, yeah ok. Metal flake, pretty sweet. There was a huge train diorama just beyond the show that was open, that I took an instant liking too and might have actually missed some of the show hall exhibits?
"Choo, Choo!!!"

I'd like to tell you about my BUY USED theology (again...)

$13,500.00 Holy Spandex Batman!!!

Why spend an arm and a leg. And in some cases, ridiculously more... ? Using the most modern computers (pong) available to the researchers at the Lady Hump Institute of Technology, we've come to the scientifically proven Star Trek tested result; that USED Sportsters are the single most affordable bike on the market based on a spread wide variety of Hipster Tendencies (they're too mainstream of a bike) and (* The Stripper Pole) Stripping Possibilities (you can literally, remove as many unnecessary parts as you'd like and the bike will continue to rip it up).

* A Stripper Pole is the base line example of perfect minimalism. What you do on it, is another matter altogether. 

Happy Birthday Mikey B~!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

GNRS ~ random parking lot Sportster

 January 28th 2012

There was about 25 (give or take) bikes parked in Lot 9 for the Grand National Roadsters Show when I got there. I'd post some pictures of the other bikes there, but aside from the fact that they "rode" in, there wasn't much to show unless you like stockers and accessorized stockers, take your pick. Inside the show wasn't much different, about half the bikes were Denver's, the other half had a sprinkling of coolness and some outright deserved the sledge hammer (Anarchy Burger, hold the PC). I'll give you this; if magazines like Ol' Skool Rodz, Car Kulture Delux, and Street Roder give your mailman a crooked spine, then this IS the show for you. I'm pretty much anti- magazine these days, and car stuff has gone just over the Psycho Billy top for me. You think you got a black tee shirt problem at biker events, go to one of these shows. It really goes by age too; young with hair - wear black shirt, blue cuffed jeans, black boots, and grease your hair. Old and grey/no hair - white shirt tucked in to help hernia, denim shorts, brown slip ons or comfortable walking tennis shoes. Add, beer in hand. Stand in the middle of aisle and talk, ignore any traffic congestion you're causing because "you're old" damnit!
This kinda stuff.

DO's and DONT's of the LBCS Parking Lot

 Seat: DO on a Rigid Frame.
 Bars: DO, Run signals in Los Angeles County: BET ON IT! CHP crackin' down Homey! (DO)
 Biltwell Banana: DOUBLE DO.
Underside Tail Light: I think I'd pop that off on the first tight turn?
I also appreicate the molding along the chopped rear funder' that's propably something you can sell. DO.
Plus it'd save all first time chop kids from running extrememly awful cuts...
 Minimalistic Sportster: DO OF THE CENTURY!
Chop What'ya Got: DO.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lucifer hit Vegas Baby ~

 Lucifer is sending the Lady Hump teasing pictures from Las Vegas. I know he went there all paparazzi for the Hump and hit some local moto events, but instead of sending us those pics, he's taunting us and feeding us Lifestyles of the Rich, Pink and Famous!
Looks like, first you do a burn out and blow your tire...
Then you head over to this place and buy a new one.
Isn't this one of those perfect momemnts when you just wanna say;
"That's So Raven!"
... or not.
Jesus? Do you water it or eat it?
(just kidding Lucifer, can't wait to see what you bring back!)

Feb 10th ~ Larouchentines is 4 Lovers!

Looks like a combo party all the way round. Live Bands, Street Chopper release party, and Larouchentines Party, probably going to be serving some adult beverages too? Probably... set your calendar boys, when the 14th comes around and you can't aford the pearl necklace this year, tell her "babe. I thought we had this covered when I took you to Larouchentines, remember???"

Almost there... almost there.... "Luke. Use your Camera."

~ Countdown to February's Blogosphere Challenge ~

We're now 4 short days from the start of a commitment by this blog, and others willing to step up and take the challenge to post only original content for the entire month of February 2012.

 That means no re-posting vintage pictures from the 70's unless you (or your Dad?) took them. No stealing pics and cropping out watermarks. No right click romance for the sake of bubble butts and sweet sweet puffy nips. Sure you can post those if you took them, and we encourage it! Pick up the camera. Point the camera. Shoot pictures.
 Right up top, on the right side of this blog, we'll be showcasing any blog that joins the commitment and pledges over the sanctity of the "Internet Mother Server(s)" to abstain from the deep seeded trend of stealing other peoples work. Sure, when the month is over, go ahead and fall back off the wagon, or stay on it? Who's to say. But for February, we're going "original." And, that in itself, is a concept most have forgotten. When I see my own stuff stolen on Facebook, I know it's time to light a fire.
 Oh Snap~ I just found the greatest shot of some ladies boobies!,  "I just found the funniest "fail" picture ever! No I mean it..." I got this great cartoon in my email... I stole this off Facebook... Did you see this commercial, it's hilarious! "I just stole this off the Jockey Journal... and the Chop Cult in a duplicate post!" Holy shit, I'm tired of seeing the same thing everywhere I go... Get out on your bike and shoot some film. Pixilate your friends. Master your Stalking techniques. 
 I'm not promoting this Challenge on any forums. If you're a Lady Hump reader or casual back booth visitor (I know who you are by the way), this Challenge is Open To You! Charge up your batteries and get outta the house. "It's been snowing outside for the last month." Head on down to the local watering hole on Friday Night when the college girls let loose. Head on down to the local motorcycle shop and just talk to the owner or mechanics, talk to people. Real people. Not 53 year old perv's pretending to be 16 and a half year old girls interested in meeting new and interesting mature people. Interview sub-interesting people over sub-interesting topics.
"There's just nothing going on this month in my town."
Then make something go on.
Invite the gang over for cucumber sandwhiches and pink whine coolers (again).