Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tri Co rolling...

pics by Lucifer
Rolling to the Tri Co party, May 25th 2012

Alice in B.A. Motoland ...

"Hey Dude. Want a Cup Cake?" ...

 One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. 
And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all. 
Go ask AliceWhen she’s ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call
Call Alice when she was just small...

 Pretty lights on May 19th 2012 B.A. Moto new HQ grand opening party.
pics by Lucifer.
Camera malfunctions due to unknown occurence(s) in the Ionosphere. Something happened, I'm not saying exactly what? But, something happened.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LBCS May 2012, 24 Cycles (along the back fence)

 Just some quick shots from the Long Beach Cycle Swap, May 2012. Some of the stuff Atom Rotten had flying out of his spots alomg the back fence.

Oh that digger frame? Yeah, Ness. How much? Less than you'd buy a repop for, that's for sure!

(Random Unicorn Interlude)

Back to the Swap...
"Tuplips" as displayed by Naked Rob.

Born Free poster sale at Tri Co., May 25th 2012

pics by Lucifer

Hippy Killer keeps on coming (photographs that is...)

pics by Lucifer

We're still going through pics from the last couple months, but we're also 30 days away from Born Free 4. Can you imagine the amount of shots were going to get there? Oh man, we'll be showing them till the end of the year probably. We'll you know what to expect when you come here and we appreciate it. The next 30 days are our countdown to Born Free (we're not building a bike or anything extrordinary mind you, but we're putting something together and hoping it sticks when we throw it against the wall...)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thee Cormans at the Redwood Bar

Redwood Bar, Los Angeles

Alien Abduction Bash, BMG's (5 day build) Sportster and South Africa is on my mind ...

That tank is sparkly awesome!
and ...
 This is the actual Air Traffic Control Tower at Groom Lake.
 Yeah right, Spacecraft can land anywhere they want...

$1.00 keg beverages and you get to keep the tiki cup? Yep. Did I mention free refills? Yep.
photos from here on out (going forward) will be originals (i.e. not movie stills). Being out in the middle of nowhere, made me really realize a lot about the world around me. For example; everything I ever need to know I learned in Kindergarden. WRONG! There's more! If it weren't for District 9 and Die Antwoord, what would I know about South Africa? Nothing except some 1980's U2 song? Bono makes me wanna eat fried chicken, and that can't be good, can it? The world is a big place and UFO's are here, not because they want to probe our rectal cavity, no. But, because we need them. Like Dog's need a healthy diet (despite what Bob and Doug taught me on Stange Brew) or a flea collar. We need UFOs in that same way.

Totally Random Lucifer photography

 Cycle Lodge
 Big Foot Lodge
 Tooth Chipper
 Tri Co.
pics by Lucifer