Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Birthday

 I never saw it coming but these two were responsible for my surprise party as the Beaver Hunter Ride on Sept. 22nd morphed into something unexpected at the Gasser Lounge. I guess I should have noticed some of the little details, like my Brother showing up "out of the blue" and asking to take some photos. Then if I think back, there were a few other hints that I failed on... Nice shirts by the way Nikki and Mikey! 
I'm not sure why, but at some point someone went sun-glasses shopping at night and came back with the following.

Enough candles to illuminate the bar
(above photo by Heavy Metal Chuck)
Aside from a million other funny parts, keep in mind that the Beaver is practically blind during all of this and balancing on a ladder to boot (I'm standing safely, albeit temporarily blinded, on the bar). So one more time, Thank you Nikki and Mikey B. for showing the love and Lady Alizon who sanctioned the abuse.

Gasser Lounge Upcomnig Events:
October 26th - Friday, FartBarf
October 27th - Lady Hump's Full Costume Ride and CARNEVIL (much more details forthcoming...)
November 10th - Escape to Hazzard County, Lake Cachuma group camping trip.
December 9th - (Sunday) 3rd Annual Hug the Coast Ride to David Mann Chopperfest and we'll have a booth at the event (the same as we did at Born Free 4).
December 21st, - (Friday) the End of the World Party
(Help us "Destroy the Planet" all the while at the bar!)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

BEST OF 2012 ( It's early, but it's appropriate )

 Every year in December the Lady Hump does a BEST OF... (and Worst Of...) year end review of the Best things in Sportsters / Biker Thug Life! Well, this one's a little early but it's so appropriate that were posting it for the entire weekend here! 
I don't know who's bike this is but I feel you. I ride less than 20 miles each way to and from work daily. And daily, I count at least twice where some ass (usually a young lady) is on her/his damn phone and damn near drifts over into the next lane or simply blocks their own ability check their side mirrors while holding their own phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other and when they turn their neck to check the mirror, they inadvertly turn the wheel directly into my path. Lame. If you talk on your phone while driving a car (illegal in California) you are a FUKN RETARD.

Johnny, Are You Queer ?

Black Flag would be super pissed with this news, "What's more ... we're told a dead cat was found in the house where Lewis lived with the landlady -- and the home was ransacked. Police are investigating, but Lewis is also suspected of killing the cat." He dismembered it... holly hell.

It's a never ending reality freak show in Hollywood, even after you die. The bizarre nature of your life seeps out of the cracks like your fingernails growing after you pass away... In some cases (this one) it literally spills outta' the cracks and there's not a Lesbian with fingers thick enough to plug this dyke.

Although toxicology reports are pending, authorities are investigating whether Lewis was on a new, synthetic drug known as "Smiles" before the violent rampage at 81-year-old Davis' house. Anyone ever hear of "Smiles" before? Stay away from that shit I tell yah.

On Wednesday, Lewis got into a violent altercation with Davis, neighbor Daniel Blackburn and a handyman; police report that Davis was bludgeoned to death, and Lewis eventually jumped or fell off the roof, leading to his death. Fly away little bird, fly fly far far away...

law enforcement sources believe Lewis was either on PCP or Meth at the time of the murder.  The 2 people who fought Lewis before he fell to his death from a roof told cops the actor exhibited "superhuman strength." 

Super Human? Way to go!

The actor also reportedly had deep ties to Sons of Anarchy? No, but to the Church of Scientology, his father, Michael Lewis, works some dumb place, which incorporates Scientology into its counseling, and there is evidence that Lewis was once involved with Narconon -- the church's drug abuse program. In 2004, the actor spoke at a substance-abuse prevention event on behalf of the organization. Reminds me of when Tom Cruise was jumping up on fat ass Ophra's sofa ranting away... was he on Meth, PCP, or "Smiles" too perhaps? Sure seems possible.
Clearly, the program was not successful for Lewis, (no shit?) which isn't surprising given that Narconon's program has garnered considerable controversy and its methods have been described as medically unsafe. Those enrolled in the program learn almost nothing about drug addiction or drug education, but instead are trained in the same way as those just joining Scientology. Hold the silver Dildo's and tell me if you feel aroused? ... after this let's go to Starbucks and buy latte's! 
The church appears to have removed photos of Lewis promoting their anti-drug program... I can't imagine why?
And seriously, what the hell is up with the sweaters and brooch? Lewis said he was making about $20,000.00 a year as an actor. Think about that, all the money SAMCRO brought into Charming and Lewis earns $20K a year. No thank you.
I can't wait for the "made for T.V." movie of this actors life. Only, I don't have a T.V. so someones going to have to tell me how it ends... or not.

Friday, September 28, 2012

More... Brooklyn Invitational from Jay McBride

Just a few more shots from the 2012 Brooklyn Invitational. 

USS IOWA to Wee Man's Chronic Taco

The Beaver Hunter Ride
We made a quick pit at the USS IOWA down in San Pedro before rounding the PV Horn and headed to Wee Man's Chronic Tacos.

There's always time to make new friends along the road. Noah getting some love on his first Lady Hump ride from a complete stranger... go figure.

"Yeah, I just got pulled over..."

"... for no mirrors."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reaper Crew

This is getting a nod for two reasons. A.) He rode a Sportster on the show, and B.) the bizzare ending of a wasted actors life...
Is he wearing a brooch? What the fuck??? On second thought, it looks like he fits in with the Anarchy crew fine... have you seen Clay's "after hours" shirts?

From the news press: An actor in the series “Sons of Anarchy” went on a bizarre rampage Wednesday that ended with the death of his elderly landlady and his own fatal fall from a roof in a Los Angeles neighborhood, sources said.

What? Is that a single story car garage? Not a long fall... he must have been tripping and done a header accidently.

Investigators are looking at drugs as a possible motive, a source told the Daily News.

Officers responding to calls of a "screaming woman" in an upscale section of Los Feliz discovered Johnny Lewis, 28, sprawled in a driveway after apparently falling or jumping to his death from the structure Wednesday morning, police said.

Lewis previously dated singer Katy Perry. He got out of jail Sept. 21 after spending about six weeks behind bars  for assault with a deadly weapon, a law enforcement source told The News.

He also pleaded no contest to first degree burglary earlier this year and received 291 days in jail plus three years probation for that felony, the source said.
"Johnny was the bright star of our lives. We always looked up to him, and now I guess we'll have to look up a little higher," dad Michael Lewis, 62, told the Daily News as his voice cracked with emotion.

He declined to discuss the circumstances of his son's death. "That's all I can tell you," he said.

Inside the Los Feliz house Wednesday, police found the body of an 81-year-old Katherine Chabot Davis, who appears to have been killed by blunt force trauma to the head.

"It's believed that he murdered her inside her Los Feliz home around 10:40 a.m.," Los Angeles Police Officer Richard French told The News.

He said Lewis had been renting a room from the woman.

And I want to apologize, not for the lack of sensitivity in this article. Care less? Nope. But for not properly keeping up with the 2012 Ghoul Pool here on the Lady Hump. I'll give a major update soon!!!

The Incredible Hunk

A few more shots at Safari Cycle Salvage in Long Beach along the Beaver Hunter Ride on 9/22.

That top photo was a teaser and I'll bet it gets this post twice as many hits as any other of these pics. That, and we're working on something else equally as Full Retard for You. Just for You....

Hunks on Film

Half Dead

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brooklyn Invitational Photography (No. 2)

 More photography from the Brooklyn Invitational from Jay McBride. Thanks again Jay!

The Brothers out of NYC

24 Cycles and Lady Hump play Grab Hands

Atom Rotten / 24 Cycles has been gracious enough to welcome Lady Hump and the Gasser Lounge into his fold at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Each month we'll be selling our Biblica Socalica photography books, patches, shirts, and until Nov. camping trip reservations for the Escape to Hazzard County (as long as spots are open...) Swing by and say Hello.
 Wuss Pride.
 Some beers after the Swap with the regu'tards...

 And some more Random bike pictures from the parking lot. There's about a 25 to 1 ratio on Garbage Baggers to home built bikes here, but that just means you gotta walk around to find bikes to shoot. I'm still mystified where all the people were this (last) Swap? Football over Motorcycles? Are you retarded?
We got men in tights slapping each other in the ass, why do you need to watch it on t.v.?

Safari Cycle Salvage (9/22)

Our stop into Safari Cycle Salvage along the route of the Beaver Hunter Ride on September 22nd.