Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Chumps make a Six Pack ...

We've closed entrants at the first three entrants AND two more who contacted me on the 1st of January who wanted to throw into our genepool. 

Here's the Unicorns Chumpion entrants:

Michael Cassbiry building a shovelhead
Lawndale Larry building a panhead
Brian Trigilia building a 56' Royal Enfield Indian Chopper

and introducing the two late comers...

James Choate out of Texas
"A Shovelhead with S&S cases , 4 spd rachrt top. I'm replaceing the tank , fender , rear wheel , bars, foot controls, doing some stuff with a nacelle and fabbing a sissy bar. Gonna paint it with a Unicorn paint scheme. Still working on the design ,but its  gonna have a unicorn on the tank with some flake and a unicorn etched in the breather. The sissy will have something going on as well."

and Lee Herrick
"I am building a 71 trumph OIF rigid frame short chopper. I thought I had the frame done, but I failed I wanted to use an original sprung. To do that I have to raise the fender, and now the seat does not fit correctly. I am going to end up making axle plates that are an inch longer... there is no rigid frame kit for a short chop using a sprung hub, on an OIF frame, so everything must be hand made
engine and transmission are all ready completely rebuilt and fresh."

(pics when you get the chance please)

The Sith' in the Six Pack? CRFyou's Star Wars Chappa... it'll make for a quick trip around the Sarlacc Pit.

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